Conference Organizers



Professor Baochai Chiang

Department of Chinese and Institute of Taiwan Literature, Chung Cheng University

President of the Harvard Visiting Scholars Association

Professor David Der-Wei Wang

Edward C. Henderson Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures

Department of Asiatic Studies, Harvard University

Organizing Committee:

Professor Tsai Jung-ting 蔡榮婷 (Chinese Literature, Chung Chung University)

Associate Professor Chen Chun-chi 陳俊啟 (Chinese Literature, Chung Chung)

Assistant Professor Darryl Sterk 石岱崙 (Taiwan Literature, Chung Chung University)

Professor Li Qingben (Beijing Foreign Studies University)

Research Fellow Zhang Zhonggang 張重岡 (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Assistant Professor Du Ying (Chinese Literature, East China Normal University)