Conference Theme

About the International Junior Scholars Conference on Sinology

 The International Junior Scholars Conference on Sinology has been hosted annually since 2001 by a university in Taiwan, China or North America. Funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo (CCK) Foundation for International Scholarly Exchange, it is regarded as a major event in the field of sinology. Its purpose is to provide young scholars of Chinese literatures with the opportunity to share their research and energy with peers. Each year there is a special conference theme, highlighting a current trend in scholarship.


Past International Junior Scholars Conferences on Sinology

  1. “Modern Literature and the Phantoms of History,” Chi Nan University, Taiwan
  2. “Thought, Body, Culture: New Frontiers in Sinology,” Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
  3. “Literary Travels and Global Imaginaries,” School of Overseas Education, Suzhou University, China
  4. “Multiethnic Sinology,” Dong Hwa University, Taiwan
  5. “Chinese Performance and Visual Arts,” School of Fine Arts, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan
  6. “Chinese Folk Literature,” School of Humanities, Taitung University, Taiwan,
  7. “Society and the Individual in Traditional Chinese Culture,” Swarthmore College
  8. “Modern Chinese Print Culture,” Department of Chinese, Chengchi University, Taiwan,
  9. “Taiwan Literature and Culture,” NTU, Taiwan,
  10. “Taiwan as a Hub of Transculturation,” School of Literature, UCSD, USA,


This Year’s Conference

        The eleventh annual Young Scholars Conference on Sinology will be held on May 26-27, 2012 at the International Conference Hall at Chung Cheng University, located in Chiayi County at the alpine edge of the Chianan Plain on the west coast of Taiwan. As in previous years, the theme of this year’s conference will play to the strengths of the host institution, Chung Cheng University. The Department of Chinese Literature at Chung Cheng has focused on modern Chinese literatures, especially Southeast Asian literature in recent years, and the Institute of Taiwan Literature has become a center for comparative literary and cultural research focusing on Taiwan, another center of Sinophone cultural production. In fact, the comparative framework for this year’s conference is the field of Sinophone studies, which is opening up exciting new perspectives on Chinese cultural history.