1. Four days and three nights of accommodation and meals are included in the conference (including reception the day before and one day after the conference).

2. Train ticket (NOT including the High Speed Rail).

3. 50% of international flight ticket up to fixed limits set according to point of origin by the National Science Council - you MUST retain both flight ticket stubs and mail them back to Taiwan after the conference.


Public registration

 Registration is open to the general public beginning on April 20, 2012. Guests will be charged for photocopying charges. Though beverages and snacks will be served, lunch and dinner is not included. To register, please write Mr. Liang Chun-chuan 梁鈞筌 at yksmkm@yahoo.com.tw, indicating your name, affiliation, telephone number, e-mail and when you would like to attend (Friday, May 25 all day/morning or afternoon, Saturday, May 26 any time/morning or afternoon).



 1) The current ROC visa application procedure for PRC nationals is as follows:

 2) For other entry requirements, please consult the National Immigration Agency website.